Nathan FC
sophos fc (please don't take it seriously)

Welcome to the website of Sophos FC or what the owner prefer, Nathan Fc!

This club was founded in the year 2018 but went bankrupt after some financial issues. But a hero came and made the club alive again! His name is Nathan, yes him, he bought the club to flex.

But his time here has been nice. He brought in players like; Neymar, Bagas and soon to be more.

Home ground

Our home ground is yet to be known as the owner of the club has basically owned at least 1 stadium in every country in Europe. And once again, he owned them just to flex on people. He does have a project on creating one in a private island but is still unknown when and where.



Our aim, according to the owner is to win as much trophies as we can. Another aim of ours is to get.... wait nvm. Nathan said do whatever they want. So our aim is to have fun :)